Friday, August 29, 2014

The Good Folks at Moreland Towers in Hatboro, PA

Oh, sorry. This is 10 Moreland Street. In Melbourne, Australia. See Archello Architects.

Light outside when I go in to great - Freudian slip - I meant to write "greet" but wrote "great" Allan Heller and a few ladies from our writers' group.

Allan Heller was his witty best.

At last we got to meet ROCKY, choose one....

Rocky the talking cat
Rocky the Raccoon
Rocky the lapper of toilet water

 Here's Marf and Donna.

Yoo hoo! Carly, where art thou?

Are you hiding under the table?

Carly just wrote this lovely note:

Dear Allan M Heller

You did it again.   You made me laugh in the past and again last night.  I admire you for your strength and your talent is brilliant and I appreciate your friendship.  And you remembered that darn book!
Well thank you for thinking of us and inviting us for an evening out with a grand guy.  How could we turn away? Of course,  we wouldn't!   Next time? ?  Of course!

Nice old radio, record player. Does it work?

Mrs Allan Heller - Tatiana - has Catholic shrines all over the house. She was spending the night at her parents' house. Mom has Lyme disease and needs help.
Allan's sister bought this in Japan. She and her husband live in Silicon Valley. She just received her PhD and was hired by Intel.

Here's Allan's mom. And Allan himself when he was acting in - what? - a Shakespeare play perhaps. Look! Allan had hair at one time.

This is Mint Bark from Stutz Homemade Candies. I bought an assortment of chocolates for Allan.

Everyone brought sweets. A couple of delicious kuchens.

After everyone left, I stayed behind and called my friend Winnie Bannigan who lives in the Towers.

"Cmon over, doll," she said. So I took the elevator to the sixth floor. There are eight floors at the Towers.

People have cute things on their front doors.

Winnie and I were neighbors at Village Green Apartments. I lived in H-6, she lived in J-2.

Her daughter Dawn babysat Dan and Sarah.

Here's Dawn, 48. She has three children in their early 20s. Damian, Dustin, and a girl whose name I forget. The girl has two kids of her own, so Winnie is a great-grandmother.

Here's Dawn and son Damian. They're very close.

Dawn and her husband Ed, a disabled truck driver, have fallen on hard times. They live in Virginia, which Winnie says is exquisitely beautiful. 

Winnie lived there awhile. She'd been working at the Baker Jewelry factory here but transferred to Virginia.

One of her jobs was melting gold

 She earned a lot of money and has a nice pension today.

Winnie's late mother is on the right. Her Aunt Winnie is the other gal. 

Winnie looks great at 73. She had polio at age 3 and got the post-polio syndrome. Her feet were reconstructed by an excellent surgeon. She's very content in her comfortable apartment, which is beautifully furnished.

I told her she must come visit me sometime.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good morning, Hatboro, PA! Daddypops Diner, Diana's Nail Salon, Stutz Candy Kitchen

 Hadn't been to Daddypops Diner in a couple of years. Used to go with Simon. Would often see my across-the-street neighbor Charlie Myers there. Altho Charlie died about five years ago, he and his wife Nancy, make an appearance in my new short story "Double or Nothing." I've relocated them to a Bucks County condo, and, of course, in Charlie's case, to the world of the living.
Had a hankering for an English muffin. As I bit into it, I could taste the preservatives, yes I have a very sensitive palate, and then I spread strawberry jam - delicious - on top.

Just took my blood sugar. Whopping! Is getting your toes amputated worth eating an English muffin? Well, at least I didn't get any hash browns.

My waitress Stephanie bringing me some delicious cold water. I had a cup and a half of Decaf.

Mary, who's been there since it opened, only waitresses on Sunday, but comes in everyday to help with various & sundry, including the books.

Daddypops is a Hatboro tradition.

Diana's Nails is not.

I came in thru the bathroom window, I mean the back door, cuz I'm a back door man AND a back roads man.

 Emily gives me a pedicure. No nail polish on me toes. Just cut the nails good and scrub the bottom of my feet. They have these hot rocks which feel great on the soles of your footsies.
Li is the owner. He said the new nail salon across the street - Strawberry - has cut into his biz. Still, his salon was well-attended this morning.

 Here's nurse Sarah's daughter. She has an unusual name, something like Kalia.
Sarah's toenails are drying. She has red toenails. She's a nursing home nurse at the old Doylestown Hospital. It's called Briarleaf and we'll take a look at it right now.

Photo is from a historian blogger named David Hanauer. Apparently Briarleaf doesn't have a website.

Whoa! I've now gotten myself down to Doylestown. I'm on my way to Stutz Candy Kitchen to buy Allen and Tatyana some chocolates.

 Jan helped me pick out the candies. "Kitchen seconds."
 When my kids and I lived across the street in Village Green Apartments, we were frequent visitors. Remember? We loved the mint bark - woof! woof! - below.
I was such a good girl I didn't even buy a piece of that smooth-as-silk - and TASTY?! - candy.

Here's my new Silver Nails, that match my silver car.

Heigh ho! Silver. C'mon boy.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Walk in the Pennypack - The Plastic Swan

Yesterday, I took a 20-minute walk in the Giant parking lot while my Writing Group was reading "Double or Nothing."

I could not believe my eyes.

A man was sitting in his jeep and I went over to him.

"Dyou know you have a plastic swan on the top of your car?"

I thot he may have forgotten to put it in his car.

He and his wife were down at the shore cleaning out a deceased friend's trailer, I think it was. They debated over and over whether to take the swan home and then decided Yes.

Since it had five holes drilled on the bottom, Mark Farber, a psychotherapist who works with brain-injured people, affixed it to the top of his jeep and thar she rides, a true conversation piece.


Four of us walked in the Pennypack. What a perfect day.

Here we are at Tony's Tree.

"Here are your turkeys, Patti," I said. I'd told her Ppack has turkeys and sure enuf there they were!

 We took a leisurely 45-minute walk through the park and then ate our lunches in the Picnic Grove. Ellen had tuna on Ezekiel Bread.

We talked about movies. The new film at the Jenkintown Highway is "Attack," highly recommended by my friend Judy Diaz, who has seen basically every movie ever made.

Ellen just finished watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I'll put it on my to-watch list. 

Ellen informed us that in January she's going to Peru, home of Machu Pichu. She'll be part of a group who will be working with children in orphanages.

Look at their beautiful digs! Me, sitting here in a dull black n white shirt and gray shorts, but jazzy pink socks from

The Sox Lady in Furlong, PA. The sox I've bought from them have lasted at least 10 years.

Here's my picnic lunch.

 Scott and I went to the Giant. I ate egg salad and their delicious skins-on potato salad. Plus a garden salad with plenty of radishes and chick peas.

I injected the maximum for me - 10 units of insulin - any higher and my legs get cramps. For dessert, I brought us the almonds that Bernie roasted for me which I'm noshing on right now.

I'd bought sliced watermelon for all of us but left it at the Supermarket.

Scott and I went back for it

We also drove to the Upper Moreland Park right next to Giant and went for another nature walk. I particularly wanted to walk off my potato salad, which really raises my blood sugar.

Here's what we saw on our walk...

 Groupings of mushrooms
Don't they look like bouquets beneath the tree? Maybe some deer are getting married.

Six-foot tall Goldenrod, once blamed for causing hay fever in the Fall. It's actually the Ragweed that does it. Ah-choo! As a kid, I got allergy shots for hay fever.

At the end of the park was the Upper Moreland Twp Utility Yard. A line of leaf-vacuuming trucks stood awaiting duty.

A SEPTA train waited on the 'spur' for anudder train to pass.

Scott told me that when he went to work last Thursday - he works at SEPTA - his train was late. That's b/c there was a 'jumper' - man had jumped in front of a train. He was not dead, however, had a huge gash in his head and many broken bones.

Wonder what his story was. I do love writing short stories but it doesn't appeal to me to write one about him. Leo Tolstoi took c/o that in Anna Karenina.

Two o'clock now. Time to lie down on my red couch and watch.... you guessed it!